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Love this app

How fun to find the unique and unusual as we travel. Love it

Need more but good

The app is fun and interesting, but need more stops

Get it and love it

Love this! I love that it takes you to the off the wall places, not your standard touristy places. We are on the road a lot and we have seen a lot of things/places that we otherwise would have missed. The app is easy to use and is always the first thing that I consult when we go to a new city/town.

We’ve checked out so many attractions thanks to this app!

Amazingly helpful. So much info with intuitive interface.

Account required for additional regions

First off this is a really cool App. I really want to give it five stars. But sadly I can’t. I am located right between two regions and want to buy access to another region. However instead of a standard in-app purchase, setting up a separate account is required. This makes little sense - I’d like to just buy this as an in-app purchase but for whatever puzzling reason the developers won’t allow this. I understand a sign-up if, say, the region access was free, but with paid content this doesn’t make much sense to me.

Road trip fun

You never know what fun will be at the next highway exit or along the road. This app made a long drive a little longer but much more fun! Giant Transformers, VW bug spiders, who knows what you will find!

My go to app for road trips

How can you not love the tacky American experience. It’s really what defines us- America is just young to have a lot of impressive historical attraction, so we make up for it in muffler men, giant oxen and monuments to the obscure. This app is your guide book to navigate through the clever and silly to find the down right strangest. It’s easy to use and well thought out. Good job.


I paid for this app to get all access. Now all of a sudden I can only get one region??? I was never notified the system had changed. Seems like a sneaky rip-off to me. Buyers beware!!!

Don’t waste your time or money!

Offbeat attraction is right. No museums, history or anything else of much interest here.


I don’t understand how to use the app. The free service on the website is great. Sorry I bought the app. I might try for a refund.

Roadside enthusiast

This app is a lot of fun if you like to meander by car. Sometimes we enjoy happening upon these treasures and sometimes we make destination trips. In either case, the descriptions are hip and fun and make us chuckle. If you like “freaky hoo-ha”, odd monuments, drive-by sculpture parks and sometimes Historical treasures, this app is recommended. Where else can you be directed to eat the worlds first hamburger and then see Jayne Mansfield’s other grave whilst reading up on iconic muffler men and ghost stories.

The essential road trip app

This app will add miles to your odometer and years to your life.

Bar none, Greatest App Ever!

I've been a fan of since their birth. This app makes every rd trip amazing. I cannot begin to thank them for all the cool people, places and stuff I've seen in this country. Some of the stuff may at first blush not seem interesting, but if you explore it, be open to it, there are so many cool things that happen that have nothing to do with what you were expecting to see.

Don't Take a Road Trip Without This App!

If you've ever had that sinking, "I-miss-all-the-cool-stuff" feeling as you were whizzing past the world's largest ball of twine, this app is for you. Easy to use, well researched and fun. Get it and use the heck out of it.

Went on a trip recently and this was handy.

Great for planning road trips or randomly while you're on one 😃

50% more interesting road trips!

I travel often and have no probably see more than 50 places listed in this app. This is a no brainer! How much I would have missed of Americana without it!!

Fun and well-designed!

This is a clever, fun application that is interesting for folks of all ages! Not only is it useful to find out-of-the-way sights on road trips, but it is exceptionally fun to spot attractions and oddities in your home state that you've seen for years. It is well-designed, runs easily, and the image quality on the photos is quite good. Sometimes you run into a good bargain... this is one! Buy it and have fun!

App doesn't work

Hoping there is an update soon. I purchased it but it won't even open.

Fun app

And great support, if you should ever need it!

Not working

I purchased the app then purchased the all access and I can't do anything. Waste of money.

Fun For All!!!

Love seeing what's ahead and being able to plan for it!

Nothing Quite Like It

Has the quantity that I was hoping for. The quality was more then I was expecting. Do wish that the app was a little cheaper though

Better than AAA!

Best scenic distraction locator for any road trip!

Sign up is ridiculously complex.

Done with this pos

What a way to travel

Traveling alone with kids has its challenges! However, when it's time for a pit stop this app led us to fun filled attractions we may have skipped. Love this app!!!

Great App Well Worth To Have It

Don't you just love to have the world on the palm of your hand? Well now you have it (or at least tiny bit parts of the world LOL). This app contains every single interesting thing that you most likely forgotten when you're walking, driving, traveling or even sight seeing in the roads of US. My first reaction was I WISH I HAVE IT SOONER! So well worth it!

Cool Database and Search Tool of Unique and Original Places to Check Out

Great, fun app. Used it quite a bit on our recent road trip vacation.

Loses what you paid for

I previously paid to unlock the whole US, but when I got a new iPhone, this app lost my status. Now they want more money. Forget it.

Very unique app

Works like it says roadside America!! Very handy on Route 66!!

Best road trip app ever!

My dog and I are currently traveling across the country to see the sights. We're on our 5th state and have seen DOZENS of cool and odd things thanks to this app! Buy it now! Worth every penny! Tried a couple others, they were junk compared to this one.

Best Roadtrip App Ever

My wife and I love leaving for trips early for the sole purpose of doing Roadside America stops along the way. I was upset that there wasn't an Android app available and this app is one of the many reasons I switched back to iPhone.


Was really hoping for a route planner function for mapping a route with a beginning point and destination than routing to see weird & wonderful along the way. A major lacking in this App IMO

Love. It.

Your road trips needn't be so boring. If you need to make pit stops, might as well check out giant balls of twine and such when you do it.


Love this app - so much fun when you have an extra hour to check out these unique attractions. Enjoy !

Fun app. Could be AWESOME!!

This is a really fun app- it could be great if they add a few features. One I'd like to see is the ability to put in a start and end destination and find points of interest within X miles of the route.....

Fun App!

So far, I've only purchased the Midwest version, but after a recent trip on which we discovered many fun/interesting new sites thanks to this app, I'm likely to purchase more as I travel! Would like to see a "submit a new location" option added to updates in the future which could add GPS coordinates on the site and be added if approved to make this app even better. Plus a "map view" option to see all locations in the area instead of just one at a time would be a nice feature if included. Even with these few minor flaws, it's great as it is. Recommended!

Adds laughter to any trip!

My husband and I live this app so much that we plan ahead for what to see on trips. Susan was super helpful with a glitch on my husband's phone, responding right away and staying in touch until it was fixed.


A great app if, like me, you enjoy seeing the delightful minutiae of Americana.


This app is amazing! Discovered so many amazing places from it

Traveler's Bible

My husband and I use this on all our road trips. It is useful and easy to use. Some suggestions are hokey, some are quite worthwhile and others lead us to new discoveries. It has enriched our travels with lots of fun and discoveries. It is our traveling bible.

Wonderful app

This is the perfect app for finding things that would get over looked in the other tourist books.

Entertaining and Informative

Used this app during two cross country trips. Even if we didn't have the time to stop at a spot, we got a kick out of reading about it. Keep up the good job!

Lots of love for this app

I drove cross country with this app as my co-pilot and now going on Roadside adventures is my favorite weekend hobby. I don't even plan a trip to the grocery store without checking the app for roadside delights.

More fun than counting VWs

Fun to find quirky places and to submit new attractions for consideration.

Best App I've got

I travel a lot. To a lot of small cities and take a lot of back roads. This app is a constant source of interesting things to see and do. I tell everybody about it. Of all the apps on my phone (too many) this is hands down the best.

Fantastic for road trips

I've been a fan of Roadside America since 2005. This app is perfect for keeping track of things I've seen and things yet to see.

Great Idea!

I used this on my road trip through all 49 contiguous states---and it was great! It's a little off in some areas. For instance--I live in Alaska and it may just be that I don't have great service, but it's hard to update as you're traveling. Overall it's a great addition to any trip, just a little cumbersome to use.

Great app for exploring new places!

I'm a big road trip guy, and enjoy finding the obscure things in addition to the well known tourist sites. I bought all the regions, and many times if I'm not in a hurry, when I stop for gas I'll check to see what's nearby, and have been pleasantly surprised.


Best travel app

Love Love this app

We travel all over the country and use this app all the time. Not only does it break up long drive days but we also find cool lunch stop or end of day destination places. It truly is one of my most used applications

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