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I love this app

There is always something bizarre, strange, or funny lurking around the corner. This app will let you know where it is.

Makes a trip

We never road trip without this app. Makes travel so much fun. I can turn a 3 hour trip into a 6 hour trip 😂

All Access Is Worth It

Pay the extra money for the all access unlock if you travel the country, or would like to one day. Well worth the money. Lots of cool things to see when you use the app to find them.


They make you choose which area you want... pathetic, terrible app... I spit on their CEO 🤬🤬🤬


Purchased the app once I received email to confirm wouldn’t allow access states I had to register. Tried to register again,said account was already active. Had to delete app and start over. Once I finally was able to access app tried to unlock all. Will not allow me to tells me I have to purchase the unlocked version which I have. Still will not allow me to access everything. Waste of money and time.

I plan vacations

I use this app to plan vacation road trips. It is a really fun to plan short day trips and multi day trips with the attractions this app offers. Easy to use, informative, a must for every day tripper.

The best Roadside Attraction app on the web

This is by far the best Roadside Attraction app anywhere. It includes 1000s of fun sites, with ratings, directions, photos and even allows input and updates from users. The site team is always updating with new places. Another great function is the ability to use the geo-locator that will bring up fun and quirky attractions near your location. Get the app, get a camera and get ready to see the FUN side of America.

In App Purchases Disappearwd

I paid for access to the entire country. I just opened the app to plan a trip and my in-app purchases have disappeared.

Exciting Find!

What an exciting find! We love to travel and always dislike missing cool stuff. I first looked in the area around my home. I’ve lived here all my life and did not know these fascinating things were here! Oh the adventures we will have...!

I love this app!

My wife and I keep it on when traveling. It’s not uncommon for us to detour to see some fantastic or weird posting from the app. We are addicted!

What fun !

We love this App. Adds more fun when traveling anywhere. There is a lot out there in this country to see. Fun and some things are really interesting to learn too. And some are just plain Odd. Fun to find them and take a selfie . We look for Roadside America things wherever we go!


Only six sites. You have to pay more for additional regions.

My favorite travel app

We have traveled to 49 states and cross-crossed the county a few times. No app has consistently proved more worthwhile tips than this one. It makes our travels much more fun and memorable.


Great app to use when on a road trip with “nothing to do” - we like the oddities for sure! Would give 5 stars if all locations listed a physical address and a simple link to google maps for directions. Not all do, they just have directions turn here, turn there, etc... other than that great app for road trips!

Love love love

My favorite app ever


Love to sit and browse through this site. So fun

Love this app

We use it traveling all over the US. Never disappoints. And you can add your comments and photos to keep it relevant. Worth every cent!

Love the app

This app really helps you either plan your trip, or search for spontaneous distractions from the weary road.

You Have To Pay More

Fun app, but you have to pay extra to access any region other than the one first selected. As an RV-er traveling around the county, I had to pay for all 5 regions. There are apps and google searches that do this for free.


this app is just wants your money. it’s poorly laid out and you have to pay for each place you want me look at. Wish I would have saved my money

Fun app for travelers!

I love this app! I find interesting places to visit during our road trips using this app. I understand that subscription for all access have been eliminated, if this is true then I’m so lucky to have purchased all regions before it stopped. Thank you for making our road trips fun!

Best App Ever

I bought this app - All of it ! I used to use the books they wrote, but this app is a God - Send! Worth every penny!!

Joe O'Grady

When ever out traveling on my Harley, I make it a point to Check my app, roadside America. I would hate to miss something, from cool little places to big attraction. I use the app to get to know America, love it & I live it!!! After covering the US, might hit Europe on the Harley. Joe O'Grady

Only App I Paid For

I travel a lot and live this app. Lists things even the locals haven’t seen. Also it’s really easy to add sites to the database.

The most fun I’ve had with an app

I’ve used this app on several trips and it’s lead to some kitchy fun adventures throughout the states! I’ve visited a hole made entirely of paper, a surgical science museum and an abandoned tv walk of fame. I’ve recommended this app by word of mouth and now I’m recommending where it counts on iTunes. Worth the price for the endless adventures it inspires.


Didn’t realize you could only select ONE region of states and not all the states for your purchase. Wouldn’t have purchased had I knew this. 🤔 You have to pay for additional 5.99 to get the rest. 🙄. Wish I hadn’t purchased it!


We truly enjoy this app on our family road trips.

Fun and easy to navigate

Who knew there was so much to see on a road trip! It’s been fun stopping off and seeing some interesting things! I see there is nothing flagged near me and I know of a few secrets so I’ll submit them as tips!

Don’t buy

Love the free web version and thought, okay will pay 2.99 for iPhone version; but get one region and can purchase additional regions. It’s also hard to figure out, can I have my $$ back please?

A road trip necessity

I love this app. I took a 3 1/2 week road trip to drive from the East Coast to the west and found amazing things along the way. I used the app on a 2 1/2 week trip from the West Coast to the east later and also enjoyed finding interesting places. I shared it with the fellow I met recently And he got a great deal of pleasure of looking at the towns he knows in finding the interesting and weird places near his familiar sites. Keep up the good work

Love this app

How fun to find the unique and unusual as we travel. Love it

Need more but good

The app is fun and interesting, but need more stops

Get it and love it

Love this! I love that it takes you to the off the wall places, not your standard touristy places. We are on the road a lot and we have seen a lot of things/places that we otherwise would have missed. The app is easy to use and is always the first thing that I consult when we go to a new city/town.

We’ve checked out so many attractions thanks to this app!

Amazingly helpful. So much info with intuitive interface.

Account required for additional regions

First off this is a really cool App. I really want to give it five stars. But sadly I can’t. I am located right between two regions and want to buy access to another region. However instead of a standard in-app purchase, setting up a separate account is required. This makes little sense - I’d like to just buy this as an in-app purchase but for whatever puzzling reason the developers won’t allow this. I understand a sign-up if, say, the region access was free, but with paid content this doesn’t make much sense to me.

Road trip fun

You never know what fun will be at the next highway exit or along the road. This app made a long drive a little longer but much more fun! Giant Transformers, VW bug spiders, who knows what you will find!

My go to app for road trips

How can you not love the tacky American experience. It’s really what defines us- America is just young to have a lot of impressive historical attraction, so we make up for it in muffler men, giant oxen and monuments to the obscure. This app is your guide book to navigate through the clever and silly to find the down right strangest. It’s easy to use and well thought out. Good job.


I paid for this app to get all access. Now all of a sudden I can only get one region??? I was never notified the system had changed. Seems like a sneaky rip-off to me. Buyers beware!!!

Don’t waste your time or money!

Offbeat attraction is right. No museums, history or anything else of much interest here.


I don’t understand how to use the app. The free service on the website is great. Sorry I bought the app. I might try for a refund.

Roadside enthusiast

This app is a lot of fun if you like to meander by car. Sometimes we enjoy happening upon these treasures and sometimes we make destination trips. In either case, the descriptions are hip and fun and make us chuckle. If you like “freaky hoo-ha”, odd monuments, drive-by sculpture parks and sometimes Historical treasures, this app is recommended. Where else can you be directed to eat the worlds first hamburger and then see Jayne Mansfield’s other grave whilst reading up on iconic muffler men and ghost stories.

The essential road trip app

This app will add miles to your odometer and years to your life.

Don't Take a Road Trip Without This App!

If you've ever had that sinking, "I-miss-all-the-cool-stuff" feeling as you were whizzing past the world's largest ball of twine, this app is for you. Easy to use, well researched and fun. Get it and use the heck out of it.

Went on a trip recently and this was handy.

Great for planning road trips or randomly while you're on one 😃

50% more interesting road trips!

I travel often and have no probably see more than 50 places listed in this app. This is a no brainer! How much I would have missed of Americana without it!!

Fun and well-designed!

This is a clever, fun application that is interesting for folks of all ages! Not only is it useful to find out-of-the-way sights on road trips, but it is exceptionally fun to spot attractions and oddities in your home state that you've seen for years. It is well-designed, runs easily, and the image quality on the photos is quite good. Sometimes you run into a good bargain... this is one! Buy it and have fun!

App doesn't work

Hoping there is an update soon. I purchased it but it won't even open.

Fun app

And great support, if you should ever need it!

Not working

I purchased the app then purchased the all access and I can't do anything. Waste of money.

Fun For All!!!

Love seeing what's ahead and being able to plan for it!

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