Roadside America App Reviews

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Dont Leave Home Without It!

I love the unusual, nostalgic, out of the way places that make a road trip so much more fun.

Love it!

I am a huge fan of the 15 story white roadside cross, Cadillac Ranch or an Alien Graveyard all of which I found on this site! Keep the fun sites coming!

Love this app!!

I found the Roadside America website and was using it on my iPad as we traveled through the southeast US. Then I found the app! It is the only app I have ever paid for, and worth every penny. The only problem was that it was very hard to use the map feature on my iPhone (small screen vs big fingers). Now that I was able to download the app to my iPad it is so easy to use. We have found so many interesting places, and I have been making a list of local places to submit for inclusion in this app. No technical issues so far. Keep up the good work!!

A must have for any road trip

This app is a must have for any road trip. Find interesting places you may have never known existed.

Love it

Very fun interesting app.

A road trip must have!!!!!!!!!

Great resource for finding the weird and offbeat. I consult it often when driving anywhere!!

Dont miss out on these Roadside oddities.

Roadside America is a great app to help you find and appreciate the odd and unusual places that might otherwise go unnoticed. Most have been worth the effort to find them.

Love this app!!

This is the best app for traveling! Helps you find interesting, fun, historical and sometimes silly highlights across the country!! Always use the app when traveling, sometimes adds miles to our trips but ALWAYS add entertainment! Thank you!!


They give you one little area, costs $6 to unlock all. Crooks.

Must have for your road trip

If you are planning on taking a road trip, you need to get this app. My wife and I just took a road trip through Texas. I downloaded this app before we departed. It made the driving portion of our trip more like a treasure hunt. Not only did we stop at places identified in the app, we discovered many other places to explore. It encourages your spirit of adventure.

I use this on every roadtrip we take!

I love this app and use it every time we take a roadtrip. It also helps when we see something along the side of the road and want to know what it is. It has also helped us find some amazing restaurants and fun places to stop on long driving days.

Love, love, love.

Taking my kids to all 50 states. This app is our tour guide.

What an adventure!

We recently went on a road trip through a few states. This app brought us to places we would not have seem other wise plus we had a few chuckles!

The best of the best

These guys are the real deal. They literally wrote the book before we had apps. Before iPhone, wouldnt leave home without the book. Now cant imagine traveling without the app!

Best road trip app

Its quirky and a bit pricey, but no other app has expanded my trips as much.


I first read their book 30 years ago and have loved them ever since. Great for finding hidden gems while you are traveling...just get this!

thats not what I expected

Love love love love this app and their website

I now plan all driving, and some air trips by Roadside America. I used to be so bored driving blindly across the cultural wastelands of our interstate system. Now I map out wondrous adventures off the beaten path. Pure bliss! Ive visited nearly 200 Roadside America listed attractions and look forward to driving now. Thanks RA!

Love it!

I love this app! Very useful for roadtripping. I dont really love that you have to buy it by region, but thats not a big deal. The only other thing is that one time I drove like an hour away from my hometown just to see a particular attraction, and there was another really cool one only seven miles away, but it didnt appear on my list until I was nearly home! I suppose it just couldve malfunctioned or my connection wasnt great. But overall I do really love this app.

Love it!!

This app is awedome! And we tell everyone we know to sign up & use it!!

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