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The Costing seems like a ripoff. Disappointing

I have been waiting for this app to come out for months. I am a big fan of Roadside America. When I saw it was available at last here in Canada I jumpped on it. The App itself is just fine, wonderful in fact. It gives all the quarky Roadside info I have come to love from the site at my fingertips. It will be great for trips! Recommended. However, the costing is a ripoff! And I urge Roadside America to rethink this in the up dates and opt to reward its fans instead of gouging them. The $3 you pay up front only buys you one of 5 regions of the USA. you only get the info for the region you pay for. You can ad regions later if you want, at another cost. I would have gladly paid one, one time fee for this, even as high as $10 or more. I have paid that much for apps before if I really like it and know I will use it all the time. But the kicker here is, even if you by all access to to all of the USA you have to renew it every year. So every year I pay another $5?!?! So I have to pay for this app every year? I have never heard of such a thing. Who do you think you are, the NY Times? In fact I have NY Times app, and IT WAS FREE! When I buy a travel book, do I have to go back and buy it again every year? This would have been a 5 out of 5 if it wasnt for the costing. This is no way to grow your biz. I would be surprised if anyone out side of die hard core RSA fans bought into this. If you had made it one time fee of 5-10 bucks, all access, you might have brought in more new fans that way. But your current costing scam is a turn off. Rethink this in the next up date of the app, and all will be forgiven and I will gladly write another review, that one would be 5 out of 5! Fans will get this app. They will love it. They should also let RSA know how they feel about the costing scheme. (maybe its jst me?). Newbies may feel ripped off however. PS I have been thinking about it and here is a suggestion. I would pay $15 or so (the cost of a travel book) to have total access forever to this app. Also, if memebers could load up there own pictures to the site and ad reviews that would be cool too.

Another way to ask for more money

I probably would have known if I had read more but when I bought it I though I would have the entire US but no, for $2,99 (CDN), I had to chose for only one section of the map. Its very disappointing but I learned my lesson. If you have money to spare… it might be a good thing. If you dont, forget about it!


Had this app for all of an hour and it crashed. Want my money back. :(

More fun than games, these places are real!

Im really glad I got this, and the "everything on it" all-region expansion. Im already finding places nearby I hope to visit, like the Sparks electrical museum in Bellingham, Washington, and others I know of that Ill propose they add, like the water cistern Its a walk through to the weirdest parts of real life.

Roadside America

Excellent suggestions for unique sites to see that you probably wont find in most travel guides. Wish it was more up to date but with more people adding tips and photos, Roadside America will only grow and expand.

Even better

Yay... No more subscriptions!

Great for long roadtrips with kids

I love this app! We live and travel a lot in Texas so the Southwest region is basically enough for us. But 2 years ago we made a road trip up to Yellowstone and back down to Texas via Mt Rushmore. And for this trip alone every penny to unlock all regions was well spent. We found so many cool, weird and fun things along the way, that the kids (5&10) and we adults enjoyed. And its most of the time things that arent mentioned in any travel guides. My personal favorite are the Beatles statues and the presidents heads in Houston.


We are on a 17 day family roadtrip and we use this app everyday as we plan our activities! We have discovered so many interesting places!

So fun!

Great app! Everywhere we go, I check to see whats there.


No one loves quirky weird stuff more than me, but most of the suggestions on this app are really not worth stopping for, or even slowing down. Its like, mainly funny/funky signs. There also doesnt seem to be a feature to sort points of interest by user rating, which would at least weed out some of the duller and most forgettable attractions.

Excellent, odd and fun!

Whether you are looking for new and weird things in your own neighborhood or distractions on a road trip to get off the highway, this app has it all! I learned things about attractions and oddities I walk past every day I didnt know about. Some of the info could use a little refreshing to get it a bit more current, but its really useful, layout is user friendly, directions are thorough, photos are helpful, and stories are well written and entertaining.

Fun for families

Our family has enjoyed the cool attractions weve discovered from this app. Things we would never have known about prior to this download. Thanks!


Love it! Loses a star for that stupid "LasVegas money cube" or whatever stupid spammy thing that is that pops up when you try to look at random stuff. But I still wouldnt travel without it!

Fun way to add to a trip

Even if you never manage to check off the "been there" box for any of the sights on your travels, the sheer fun of talking about visiting some of these things is immeasurable! We have checked off many - we try to catch one in each place we visit. Live life to the fullest!

Fantastic way to get off the beaten path

Traveling to run 50 marathons in 50 states requires some road trips and silly memories with friends. This app makes for GREAT opportunities to stretch the legs, see random American fun, and learn about some amazing places and people. Its one of my top 10 favorite apps for the ability to make a travel list and save points of interest, see whats near me now, and save some of the wildest discoveries to share with others!

Great for RV travels with kids

Great app for our 10 state summer vacation. Found the Idaho Potato museum because of it. Also lots of Muffler Men!

The Most Fun Way To Travel In the USA

Me and my gf love this app, get it and have fun exploring anywhere you go. Even if youre in a seemingly boring place I bet theres something fun nearby to check out.

Mitch A

Love this app. I found out about it on a road trip through Tennessee and liked it so much I bought all the regions for random trips.

Essential for road trips

My boyfriend and I love this so and have found so many cool things to explore on road trips. Its worth every penny.

Great way to find hidden gems

Roadside is a handy app to have if you are into checking out random roadside oddities when you are exploring different areas, especially if you are on a road trip. I love that the app locates where you are and then gives you a list of all the local spots to see, telling you how many miles away they are. It then links with the map to give you GPS directions. You can also read tips by other users, and see or submit photos. I dig it!

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